Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Time Has Come

I just shed a few tears.

He told me 2 days ago but I went into denial.

The reality of it didn't set in until today.

I guess it was because it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly that I didn't have time to process it.

It could also be because I've lost a couple of brain cells to my kids and brain activity has been slow ever since.

Where was I?

Oh yes, tears.

Caused by my firstborn. My only son.

This little chubby fella here.

Who has grown into this.

Just about 2 months short of turning 5.

He had the nerve to make his mother cry, by telling her....

he wants his own room!!

My little baby wants to sleep on his own now! WHY??!!

So I asked him why. And what does he tell me?!


"The Ikea kids room is so cozy and nice! I can't wait to get that Ikea double-decker bed. I'm SO excite!"

Thanks a lot Ikea! My baby's decided to leave my side at night now because of you!

"Ikea?! Is that the only reason why, boy?"

"Yes! I'm SO excited to sleep on my own!"

"But we haven't even bought the double decker bed. Tell me boy, why do you want to sleep on your own? Huh why?

He was jumping about on the bed he is to sleep on tonight.

"Come here boy and tell Mommy why?"

"Mommy, if you keep asking me why, I won't want to sleep on my own anymore"

I was so tempted to annoy him further but decided against it. My instincts tell me that the time has come. Something in him is telling him he needs his own space now. Something is telling him he'll be fine without me by his side at night now. My baby boy is growing up.

I know, I know. I'm over-reacting. Some kids sleep on their own from the time they're just a few months old. What's the big deal. The big deal is, this fella has been sleeping with us since he was 2! (he emigrated to his own room for awhile from the time he was 4 months). The big deal is that I'm a mom. The big deal is that the time has come for me too.

To let go.

Excuse me, while I go make his room and shed a few more tears.

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