Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Picnesday - 12 of 2011

My first Picnesday for the year and I would like to do a picture wrap-up of the year that just left us.
I first chanced upon this idea from Just Jennifer,
then came to know on Monday that it's actually a link-up idea of Robin of Farewell Stranger,
which ended on Monday.
That's for being out of blogging for the holidays.
But what the heck,
here are pictures never before seen on my blog last year...

A short holiday up in Cameron Highlands.

Chinese New Year.
My 2 babes in their traditional chinese costumes.

No.1 turned 4!
Mashed potatoes I made for his birthday party

Remember when my contractor decided to 'water' my plant?
This was the crime scene.

Our holiday in Penang Island.
No, that's not a fisherman looking at my son.
That's my Dad.
New and old.

Daddy's Day.
My son made a card for his Daddy.

My son's Sport's Day

Splashing time in the pool

No.2 turned 2

Birthday Buns for my hubby!
Not mine.

They were deep fried buns (the kind made of flour) served on top of stewed lamb and gravy.
It was part of an 8-course dinner at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my hubby's birthday.
Trust the Chinese to come up with dishes that look disgusting yet delicious.

A field trip to the graveyard to visit our dearly departed.
My angels and their great grandmother.

Ah yes, Christmas.
Who can forget.

And with that 
I bid you adieu 2011!
Thanks for the good times.

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