Friday, 6 January 2012

Easy Gingerbread Recipe

Why is gingerbread associated with Christmas?
I don't know, I'd have to Google it.

Will I look like a nutcase who can't let go of Christmas, if I ate gingerbread the whole year round?
You might.

Does gingerbread cookies have to have ginger in them?
No it doesn't. Omit the ginger and call it gingerlessbread cookies. 

Do you have to chill gingerbread dough before using it?
You know what? I found a recipe that skips the chilling part and helps you save time!

That gingerbread house is made of cardboard right?
Yes, edible cardboard called gingerbread.

Just some gingerbread questions swirling in my mind. I took the liberty to answer them myself. That last one was actually asked by an aunt of mine about the gingerbread house I made this past Christmas. Goes to show we don't do gingerbread houses much over here.

I baked 2 batches of gingerbread cookies with my kids over Christmas last year and was mighty pleased with the recipe I found through Googling. Do you know how I search for recipes on Google? I type 'easy' first. Don't you just love idiot-proof recipes that make you look good even if you're hopeless at baking and cooking? I found this Quick & Easy Gingerbread Recipe through Lingzie's Tummy Treats and will probably stick to using it for the rest of my gingerbread-making life.

My own modifications in red

176g All purpose flour I tried with self-raising flour and it worked fine
1/4 tsp soda bicarbonate omitted this when I used self-raising flour 
Pinch of salt
2 tsps ground ginger omitted this and added 2 tsps of cinnamon OR 1 tsp ginger and 1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground cinnamon
66g unsalted cold butter cut into pieces
76g brown sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup replaced golden syrup and treacle with 2 tbsp honey instead
1 tbsp treacle
1/2 tbsp milk
1 egg yolk, beaten didn't even beat the egg yolk

1. Sift together all dry ingredients (flour, soda bicab, ginger and cinnamon)
2. Add in brown sugar.
3. Rub in butter pieces until flour mix resembles bread crumbs.
4. Add in wet ingredients (honey, milk and egg yolk).
5. Combine until dough forms.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius.

The best part of the recipe - you can use it straight away without having to chill it first! Roll out the dough and cut them cookie shapes out! I cut them out directly on baking paper so that I didn't have to transfer the fragile pieces and risk mutilating the gingerbread men.

Head, hands and legs still intact.
I might just make these for Chinese New Year :)

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