Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Beauty Regimen

I have never thought of myself as beautiful. I am a Plain Jane, often seen without make-up, in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. In fact, I have once thought of myself as ugly especially when I was in my teens and in the company of my more beautiful friends. But, I know better now that beauty isn't seen from one's physical appearance (unless, of course, you live in Hollywood); it is what's inside that makes a person beautiful.

Being beautiful is...

Being comfortable in your own skin. To be confident.

Showing kindness towards others and offering a helping hand when someone is in need. To be compassionate.

Extending a smile and making a stranger feel accepted and welcomed. To be friendly.

Staying calm and not lose your temper. To be patient.

Appreciating your blessings and not envy others. To be fulfilled.

Seeing the good and positive in everyone and in all situations, even the most trying ones. To be inspiring.

Embracing your shortcomings, being empowered by your strengths and living your life to the fullest. To be happy.

I'd like to consider this my beauty regimen.

It's what I strive to achieve to be the beautiful me.

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BEE Beautiful You
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