Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Different Kind of Fall

I've been reading so many posts on Fall that I've been feeling a little left out from the experience. Also, reading about pumpkin pickin' and pumpkin patches has made me want to go get myself a watermelon to carve (the pumpkins here don't look that great). I did think about a coconut, but I might kill myself carving a coconut. Therefore, as not to miss out on the current Fall theme that's going around Bloggyland, I've decided to write my own Fall post.

Let's see, we definitely have lots of rainFALL over here. We are showered with rain for most part of the year which gives us cool respite from the hot and humid tropical weather. I love the rain, only when it doesn't fall on my laundry drying outside.

The only time the trees here turn a golden-brown colour of FALL would be when they're thirsting for rain or when they're about to die. I have FALL in my garden practically the whole year round because I don't water my potted plants. I let the rain do the job. But I forget that my pots are actually sitting under my porch. Oops.

Leaves FALL off the trees here after they've been burnt crisp by the blazing sun, which means the weather has been terribly hot and dry. Not a nice weather to be in compared to the cooler climate that you would get from Autumn.

Ahh...love the crispness of Malaysian FALLen leaves
They always make me think of fried wonton wrappers.

In my house, you have my kids FALLing off the couch and steps. You get tears that FALL easily everytime a request for something is denied. You have them FALLing at your feet, begging you for candy and some playing time on the computer. I FALL off to sleep easily every night because I'm usually zonked out when it's time to hit the sack.

I think my kids would love the experience of going to a pumpkin patch to pick their favourite pumpkins to carve. But, alas, Malaysians usually pick their pumpkins at the grocers for cooking more than for carving. And, the only pickin' my kids do around here is that of the nose-pickin' and pickin'-at-scabs kind.

So, it is a different kind of Fall where I am. 

And my favourite part of it is, FALLing in love with my kids everyday since they came into my life.

Okay, I don't feel so left out now :)

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