Monday, 24 October 2011

10 Animal-Related Wishes of a Mom

Cookie's Mom came up with a great prompt this week for the benefit of new mothers  - 10 Tips for New Moms. I have decided to go off topic a little here because I still owe Stasha a list of 10 Things Animal and I have a mind that's a little crazy.

In coming up with this list, I did recall my time as a new mother when I had my first child and how I wish then that I...

1. had 8 arms like an octopus.

2. had a built-in pouch like a kangaroo.

3. had arms as strong as a gorilla's.

4. could sleep with my eyes open like a fish.

5. was nocturnal like a bat.

6. had night vision like an owl.

7. had stripes like a zebra (for visual stimulation of baby).

8. had a tail like Tigger's to bounce my baby to sleep.

9. could pee standing up like a male homosapien.

10. could produce milk like a cow.... wait, I did produce milk like a cow.

And my tip for new mothers: Follow your maternal instinct. Every female species would have it (well, except those that eat their young of course). And actually, all your baby needs is a lot of TLC. Hence the equation:

TLC + Maternal Instinct = Survival of The Fittest Mom
totally made that up

Have any tips for new mothers to share? Share them with the Monday Listicles Gang over at Stasha's.
Thank you Sue for the inspiration this week.

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