Monday, 17 October 2011

Bentong Farm Visit and A Guilty Pleasure

I actually went to a farm!! Never in my life have I been to a farm (except for a butterfly farm) and yesterday my family and I visited a farm, with real cows, goats, ducks, some chickens and about a hundred over dogs (I kid you not). Thanks to Martha of Growing with Guidance, we paid a visit to Bentong Farm which is about an hour's drive away from where I live. We had a great time, I think, except for the fact that my son kept asking me whether it's his movie and Angry Birds playing day (he gets to do these only on weekends).

1st stop: A durian tree.

"Boy! A durian tree!!"
 "Can we eat it Mummy?"

"Girl, touch it"
 "No thanks, it looks unfriendly"

"Mummy, is today my movie day?"

2nd stop: The tortoise pond
"Boy! Can you see the tortoises in the pond?!"
 "Why are they all running away Mummy?"

3rd stop: The goat shed

"Boy, come and look at the goats!"
 "Why are they not eating my grass Mummy?"

"Mummy, can I play the computer today?"

4th stop: The cow shed

"These are calves boy, baby cows"

"Daddy, wan see seep"
 "Cow, girl. These are cows"

5th stop: Cooling station for some refreshing popsicles

"I want the orange one"

"Mummy, when we get home can I watch a movie?"

6th stop: Lunch and mingling with the dogs

7th stop: Meeting Martha. Didn't take pictures of her though. To date, Martha would be the second online friend whom I have met in real life. She was friendly, sweet and looks way too young for her age. Not that I expected her to look like an old lady but she definitely doesn't look her age!  Must be all the outdoor activities she does. Do check out her blogs for more info on where to go for nature exploration over here in Malaysia.

"Mummy, can I play Angry Birds when we get home?"

8th stop: The duck pond

"Boy, that's a goose!"
 "Can I touch it?"

"I want to touch it again"
 "Ask the uncle."

"Boy, look! The ducks are going in for a swim!"
"Can the goose swim too Mummy?"

9th stop: Home, Angry Birds and The Smurfs.

10. Guilty pleasure for Monday Listicles:

CADBURY Fruit & Nuts

My most recent guilty pleasure. 
I can eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner...and supper.
It's a consolation for the other guilty pleasures I don't get to indulge in anymore...
CSI, Criminal Minds, sleeping in, shopping alone, wasting time and going braless.

Thanks to for today's Monday Listicle prompt, Guilty Pleasures.
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