Thursday, 22 September 2011

No.2 Turns Two

My little girl turns two tomorrow!

To all new parents out there, the Terrible Twos is not a myth, it is REAL. It is a phase the kids go through to show their growing independence and their need to assert their own opinion and decisions. Hence, the defiance in most things you ask them to do. It's also a phase the parents go through where they have thoughts of drowning themselves and disowning their kid. But, there is hope that it is just a phase; and it is something that the kids cannot control themselves.  We've all been made this way (I'm trying to console myself here).

Back to my little girl.

Here she is 5 days old
Looking lobster red and knocked out.

At 4 months old
Cute, bald and stunned.

at 9 months
Loving the sand.
(now she hates it)

at 11 months

One year old

And a year later..
Little Miss Terribly Terrific Two

What can she do now at age 2?
1. She can put on her own shoes and get them on the correct foot. She can also put on my heels and walk in them.

2. She can say 'sorry' after hitting her brother. And sometimes use that 'sorry' as a license to hit her brother.

3. She can say 6-word sentences without grammatical errors. Just on Tuesday, she said, "I can't find it Kor Kor" (Kor Kor means big brother in Chinese); when her brother made her look for a ball he lost. She can also say a 1-word sentence when she needs to, like the time she said "Wait!" when I asked her to come over to get dressed.

4. She's 80% potty trained.  She can tell me when she needs to go, usually when we're at home. She still wears her diaper to sleep at night, for naps and when we're out for long hours.

5. She can hold her poop for 4 days and on the 5th day, poop without the help of A.S.S.- BIG milestone.

Assisted Sh*tting Services (A.S.S.) is a non-profit organization in aid of constipated toddlers. Services include manual extraction of faecal matter, insertion of lubricating agents, emotional support for Post Traumatic Pooping Stress, sound effects to encourage bowel movements and everything else that works.

6. She can be pacified by touching my eyebrows (yes, strangely enough) when I refuse to give her the milk dispensing device that she has become addicted to.

7. She can feed herself without making too much of a mess. Something her mama can handle.

8. She knows her numbers from 1 to 10 and can count till two. She knows her colours but is colour-confused at the moment.

9. She can say "eh-Q me" when I'm blocking the T.V.; especially when Barney is on. She can also say it when she lets out a loud fart.

10. Best of all, she still has short-term memory and doesn't hold grudges against her mom for all the screaming she does. She still gives her mom plenty of cuddles, kisses and endearing moments to cherish.

Happy 2nd Birthday Girl Girl!

We Love You
To Infinity And Beyond!

Wait a second, isn't there a list here?

Wait another second, didn't I just brag about my daughter?

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