Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mommy, How Did I Celebrate My 2nd Birthday?

Well, sweetie, we had a low-key celebration on the day of your actual birthday. Let me tell you in a list of 10 things that happened on that day; because you see, Aunty Stasha over at The Good Life has a linky called Monday Listicles and Mommy would like to link up. You can only link up if you have a list of 10 things to show. I hope you understand. What's a linky you ask? Here, read my earlier post. 

We did have an earlier celebration for you back in Ipoh on 31st August 2011. It was a small party with family and close friends over at Mama and Yeh Yeh's house. Here, let me show you some of the pictures.

So, the 10 Things You Did On Your 2nd Birthday

1. You got up crying. (as usual)

2. We went out for breakfast after dropping Kor Kor at his kindy. We ate at a place called Village Park over at Damansara Utama and we ordered toasted bread with kaya for you.

3. We went home after that and we allowed you to watch TV since it was your Birthday. You picked Barney. Again.

4. We picked Kor Kor up from school and went for lunch at One Utama, your favourite shopping mall. You shared a bowl of teriyaki katsudon with Kor Kor over at a Japanese restaurant called Sakae Sushi.

5. After lunch, we headed over to the play gym for some indoor fun. (entrance was free for the month of September. Daddy would not have taken you there if it wasn't)

6. We went home after that. Just when we thought the day would go by tantrum-free, you decided that turning two just wouldn't be turning two without a tantrum. You were obviously very tired at this point but refused to nap. You asked to watch TV again and when we said 'no', you thought "this is the perfect time for a tantrum". So, you threw one and fell asleep on the couch watching High 5. 

7. At 5pm, Mommy accompanied Kor Kor for his music class while you spent some time with Daddy. I don't know what you did in that one hour with Daddy, but I do know he bought you Happy Meal #293.

8. We had KFC for dinner and you stuffed yourself with lots of fries - your all time favourite food.

9. Daddy got you an annoying toy from a Chicky Meal set.

10. We went home after that and watched a movie - Wall-E.

And THAT was your 2nd Birthday!

Disclosure: A day full of junkfood and TV only happens on special occasions like birthdays.
Glossary: kaya (coconut jam), Kor Kor (big brother), Mama & Yeh Yeh (grandparents)

I'm also linking up with Aunty Leslie over at Time Out For Mom
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