Friday, 2 September 2011

Life's Lessons/Words of Wisdom - The Hometown Edition

It's been such a wonderful time being back in my hometown this past week. Both our parents have been great with the kids and it's been a real holiday for me as I didn't have to do any cooking, cleaning or kid-entertaining. I am now back where I live, in the city and have come away with these words of wisdom or life's lessons after a week in my hometown....

1. It's okay to drive at 25kph (that's 15.5mph) in a small town and nobody will flip the bird at you.

2. You know you are severely technologically impaired when your 65 year-old Dad is using an iPad before you, and has to teach you how to use one.

3. Your parents are great nannies for your kids.

4. Grandparents will spoil their grandkids rotten.

5. It is wise to stand back and let them do it.

6.The kids will know how to manipulate their grandparents.

7. It is wise to stand back and let them do it.

8. Grandparents are terrified of their grandkids. Especially when they let out the slightest whimper.

9. They will go to great lengths to make sure that whimper remains a whimper.

10. Because they think crying is painful.

11. Or rather, they are in pain when their grandkids cry.

12. Nagging is a sign of love.

13. When a person is not ashamed to fart loudly in your presence, you know you are part of the family.

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