Friday, 5 August 2011

Celebrating 100 - Tipsy Friends Feature

Dear Friends,

I've reached 100! Followers that is. Thanks to ALL who have followed. I know many have not come back to read my blog but you've made me happy anyway by making up the numbers. And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I'm planning to start a Guest Post Series called Tipsy Friends on fortnightly Fridays. No, I won't be serving alcohol (I know some of you would be disappointed to know that). Tipsy Friends will be a place for me to feature my readers and welcome them into my bloghome. It would be a place to remember and cherish my bloggy friends. I am inviting all my readers to guest post for me and share some life tips - especially tips on how to make life easier (just like how life seems like after a bottle of wine).  I know many of you have a lot of wisdom to share and I would like my Tipsy Friends; yes YOU, to share with me and my other readers, some of that wisdom. You can share tips on any topic you like - parenting, blogging, photography, cooking, tweeting, going green, baking, running, cloth diapering, jewellery making, crafting, eating, laughing, except maybe tips on how to spice up activities in the bedroom department (you can still share those with me via a personal e-mail).

If you are a reader but not a blogger, I'd love to feature you too. Do drop me an e-mail at

I hope y'all be game to be a Tipsy Friend of mine!

Till then, Happy Weekend to All.
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