Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My First Blind Date

I got a haircut. (well it was due anyway)

I did my toe nails. No, I didn't give myself a pedicure, I just painted them.

I plucked my eyebrows. Which were starting to join together.

I flossed...twice.

I checked my breath...thrice.

I went through 3 different outfits and finally decided on this ensemble.

I cursed at my zit...Darn it!

Why did I do all these?

I was about to go on a blind date.

I told the Hubs the other day and he asked "Why?"

I said, "Well, just for fun."

So, at 10:30 this morning

I drove to meet my very FIRST online friend.

I was excited and a little nervous.

I was meeting someone I had only met in words.

Will I make a good first impression?

Will this person like the real me?

Well I still don't know the answers to the above questions,
but I sure had a great FIRST blind date with

Catheryn of PinkBibs and her sweet pea Isabelle!

I went through all that to meet a mom who has been a great supporter of my blog.
Catheryn invited us over to her apartment today and it was the very first time I was meeting someone I've only met online. Catheryn is as bubbly and as beautiful as I imagined her to be and her little Isabelle's just a sweetheart. Catheryn's a fantastic cook too (read her blog and you'll know) and she came up with her own version of a pancake muffin filled with homemade kaya as a welcome treat for us.

Yum! Yum!

The girls getting acquainted.

I came back with wonderful memories of a first blind date and these

Don't worry it's not Balut.
These are fresh duck eggs from Catheryn's pet duck back in her hometown!

Thanks for a wonderful time Catheryn! 
I hope you won't stop reading my blog after today and I look forward to meeting up again sometime soon.

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