Monday, 1 August 2011

10 Ways To Go Green

Stasha had 10 Things Green as a prompt last week for Monday Listicles, which I didn't do. So, I thought I'd do a different take on the green theme this week. I'm recycling an old post I did before on Helping Your Family Go Green. So, here's 10 ways that you and your family can lead a greener, eco-friendlier life...

1. Recycle
Paper, plastic, aluminium cans, tetra paks (milk cartons, packet drinks), cardboard, tin cans and bottles. Get the whole family into recycling mode, especially your kids. I even recycle price tags which most people overlook. They're made of paper aren't they? Throw them in the paper recycling bin.

2. Reduce waste
Do you know that if you cut your toothpaste tube in half, after you've tried squeezing every bit out of it, there's still enough inside there to last you a few more days? Learnt this tip from a recycling talk I attended many years back and have been practising it since.

3. Use products that are packaged in recyclable material.
Instead of buying refillable packs (which aren't recyclable), get the product in it's original tin can or glass bottle. Yes, it costs a little bit more but if you can afford it why not? At the end of the day you can still sell your recyclables to get back that little bit more you spent.

4. Save energy
Switch to energy-saving bulbs, switch off the lights, fan or TV when not in use, bathe cold water if you can.

5. Compost your kitchen/garden wastes
Here's a site on how to start composting in your home.

6. Think Before You Throw
Seriously, get into this habit of thinking before you throw and you'd find that there are more things you can recycle than throw away.

7. Use reusable bags for shopping.
And remember to bring it along when you go out shopping. Keep some handy in the car or keep a super lightweight one in your handbag all the time.

8. Go plant a tree!
Haven't done that. Would love to one day.

9. Go paperless whenever possible.
Instead of sending a card, why not send an e-card or an e-mail with a nice message for someone's special occasion. If you ask me, I'd much prefer that. All the cards that I've received before have mostly ended up being recycled in the end anyway.

10. Pee in the shower.
Hey the Brazilians are doing it, why not us?

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