Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Wandering Mind

Those who know me well will know that I'm not the church-going sort of person. If given a choice I'd rather not go to church. I know that's bad and I'm trying to change for the sake of my family. As the saying goes A family who prays together stays together. I try to remind myself that it is He who has given me all that I have today and an hour of church a week is the least I can do for all that He has done for me. But, in that one hour, what goes through my head? These....

"Who's this Father? Never seen him before"

"How could they allow a skirt THAT mini in here? I could almost see her..."

"Why does the commentator have to wear a robe like the Father?"

"I will look good in that blouse she's wearing"

"This mother has like 1, 2, 3....5 kids!!!"

"Okay the Father is talking about some kind of yoke today..."

"He's going to spill his cereal on the floor. He's going to spill... He better not spill...Don't spill...I'd better hold that for him."

"Kids need to drink water. Get the bottles out."

...the times when you had seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you. "Footprints in the sand...aww one of my favourite stories"

"Gosh that woman's TALL, is she wearing heels or what?

"I wonder how many people in here are actually listening to him."

"Where shall we have breakfast after this?"

"Couples don't sit together anymore after they have kids."

"That guy over there looks like a chinese version of Martin Short."

"Homily's ended, kids getting restless, time to whip out the colour pencils."

"Oh love that hairstyle, I think I'd look good with that kind of cut."

"Keep the kids busy. Keep the kids busy."

"This man's head is so shiny I can see my reflection right there. I wonder if he chose to shave his head or he just can't grow any hair. Wait...I see some hair follicles there..."

"What shall we do for lunch today?"

...Mass is ended. Let us go in peace...."Yippee, we can go now!"

I probably should e-mail Father this post as a confession.
But instead I'm linking this post up with Erica's lovelinks.
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