Saturday, 9 July 2011

Life in a Week

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So here's how my week went....

1. My girl pooped twice and pee-ed once in the potty. And all I did was watch for the signs, asked her if she would sit down on her potty and let her lead the way. Didn't have to force her at all. I've been rather lazy busy to really get down to potty training her like how I did with my boy. So I'm really glad it's turned out well, so far.

2. Started baking again - brownies and Alison's yummy banana loaf; all in one day. It's been ages since I last baked anything.

3. This is the first time I actually allowed my son to help me bake. It's a great way to get him to like what I bake. He was really excited and enjoyed the experience very much.

4. Made some new bloggy friends and found some really cool linkies.

5. Had lots of giggles with the kids, especially before bedtime. Wonderful bonding time with my family.

6. My girl's talking a lot more now and loves to ask me "Mami, wha u dooing?" especially when I'm on the computer blogging. And when I tell her "Mommy's blogging" she asks "Waaaiiii?" and I'm lost for words.

7. I discovered that I have a sixth sense - I can tell you when the weather will be cloudy and hot at the same time, followed by pouring rain. How? I get a THROBBING HEADACHE. It has happened many times and I'm starting to believe it to be my sixth sense. 

There you have it, as boring as it sounds, that's my life for you this week. Go share your exciting life with Rach and Sara!

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