Monday, 6 June 2011

When A Loved One Passes On....'s difficult. It's probably the most difficult thing a person has to go through in life - see someone they love leave them forever.

On Friday, our dear friend's father succumbed to cancer. On Saturday morning, my father-in-law's boss, passed away of a heart attack. Yesterday morning, we saw the obituary of an ex-schoolmate's mother in the newspaper. I feel a little overwhelmed. It has brought back memories of when my brother lost his battle to cancer, 4 years ago. It's times like these that.....

You realise how short life is.
That our lives are in God's hands. And that there is just no knowing when our time will come.

You tell yourself, "Don't Wait".
To treasure the living. To tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. To talk about your feelings. To say sorry. To live life to the FULLEST.

You wonder about Life after Death.
Where those who have left us, are now. Will we ever meet them again when it's our time to go. That, hopefully, they are in a better place.

You pray to God that you will not outlive your kids.
It would be too painful.

You tell yourself it's not worth it.
To sweat over the small stuff. To get upset over the littliest things. To wallow in self pity.

For life is too short.

My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one.
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