Thursday, 19 May 2011

Why Complicate Life?

Please excuse me while I talk to my other self....

Why have 2 or more kids when you can have one?
Well, because you're Catholic and apparently the Pope doesn't believe in contraceptives.

Why dabble with a new commenting platform (i.e. Intense Debate) when it's driving you nuts?
Well, because you love your readers (awww) and you appreciate their comments. You want to reply their comments in the way it should be replied, by hitting a reply button and not by posting a comment on a comment.

Why cook western when you can cook chinese? (cooking western is so much more work I tell ya!)
Well, because your family's sick of eating your chinese cooking and would love an occasional change in the menu.

Why even bother cooking at all when you can cater or eat out?
Well, because you love your family and want them to eat healthy, wholesome, homecooked food.

Why blog when you can talk?
Well, because you write better than you talk. You're a thinker and you love to keep your thoughts to yourself. With blogging you can express those thoughts and have complete strangers read them. Exciting isn't it?

Why link your blog with something like Lovelinks when it caused you to burn your food?
Well, because you feel that the rubbish you write is good quality rubbish and deserves to be read by people other than your own family and close friends.

Why have so many pairs of shoes when you always can't decide which one to wear?
Well..........let's not question that.
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