Friday, 20 May 2011

Of Kuku Birds And Pet Pets

This post is PG-rated.

Kuku Bird - Malaysian Chinese term for the male organ
Pet Pet - Malaysian Chinese term for the female organ

My hubby alerted me recently that I should start educating my son about the differences between the male and female anatomy. It happened when my son tickled a girlfriend of his on her breasts. In church. In front of her mother. Being the obedient wife (ya right!), I have been on the look out for opportunities where I can get started on some PG-rated conversations with my son...

Bath time
I bathe both my kids together. I started bathing them together when my girl could stand on her own. The first time she saw her brother naked, she went right ahead and did what most babies would do to something long and hanging out - PULL. She's been fascinated by that activity ever since but I've tried to stop her from doing it, now that she's older. Her brother, however, has been very tolerant, until recently. Maybe because I've started telling him that it's not nice to touch or pull each other's private parts.

Tickle time
My kids love to tickle each other. My son would sometimes do the finger tickling action between my girl's legs and go "Tickle your pet pet!". When he did that recently, I told him it's not nice to tickle each other's private parts. So began a lengthy conversation about private parts.

What are private parts? - those parts that you cover by wearing clothes, i.e. breasts, kkb, and pp.

Why cannot tickle there? - because they are private, they belong to you and you alone, never ever let anyone touch or tickle your private parts. If someone does that, you HAVE to tell mommy or daddy.

Is your skin private part also? - I was a little stumped with this one. I told him it's okay to tickle places like the hand, neck or feet.

Breastfeeding time
I am still nursing my girl. Just yesterday, my son was sitting next to me while I was breastfeeding her. Sometimes, when my girl is done with her fix, she'd take a look at her pacifier and touch it. I let her because I thought she was just being curious. When my son saw her doing that he reached out and wanted to do the same thing. I stopped him and told him that I let his little sister do it because she's still drinking mommy's milk. He's a big boy now and he shouldn't be touching mommy's private parts. I thought he understood what I explained because he didn't fuss over it or pursue it any further. *PHEW*

Have any advice to give on how to deal with the topic of kuku birds and pet pets?
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