Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Son - A 'Buaya' At 4

"Buaya" which literally means "crocodile" in Malay, is also a term used by Malaysians to refer to a male flirt.

Just last week, my son buaya-ed 3 girls in his pre-school in less than 15 minutes. It was pretty shocking.

Girl No.1
We were waiting outside the gate for his friend who carpools with us. He was peering through the gate and suddenly a little girl came over and they started stroking each others' hands. I was DUMBFOUNDED. No words were muttered. Just chemistry.

Girl No.2
Actually Girl No.2 hit on him first. She told her granny that she wanted my son to go over to her house to play. My son, of course happily accepted the invitation but also had the courtesy to ask me if he could. So, I said yes. In other words they just made a date.

Girl No. 3
The girl who follows us back, came out of the gate and my son gave her a kiss right smack on her cheek. No "If I may..." or "Hey do you wanna..." ; he just went right ahead and did a georgie porgie on her. In this case she didn't cry but instead giggled with glee!

So, to all mothers out there with little girls, please be warned of.....

 My Little Casanova!
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