Thursday, 7 April 2011

Smiley Moments

You know how some people have this natural, perpetual smile on their face? I envy them. To them, smiling is effortless, but for me, it takes 101 nerves and muscles to form a smile on my face. Except, of course, for smiley moments like these....

When my kids get up in the morning and call out to me.
When the day went by tantrum-free.
When I watch my kids sleep.
When I'm in the company of cherished friends.
When I look at pictures of family and friends.
When I'm given a shop-till-you-drop day by my hubby. (still on wishlist)
When I make people laugh.
When I get to catch up with my beloved family.
When I read Nury Vittachi.
When I hear my son pray at night. (really amusing stuff!)
When my hubby drops me "I love you" notes on my pc.
When the kids go to bed early.
When I'm surrounded by happy faces.
When I get to blog uninterrupted.
When my hubby gives me a compliment. (still on wishlist)
When my hubby tells me he wants to give me a stress-free, kid-free, relaxing holiday. (still on wishlist)
When someone smiles at me.

What are your smiley moments?

In times of need, use this Ronald McDonald smiley mouth piece and take a picture of yourself - you'll not only smile, you'll laugh till your tummy aches!

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