Friday, 1 April 2011

My Favourite Mall in P.J.

And the Mom2kiddos Favourite Mall Award goes to ......Ikano Power Centre (IPC)!

If you have to take the kids to a mall, and you live in Petaling Jaya, you have to take them to IPC. And these are the reasons why...

1. Many breastfeeding rooms - Clean and cosy rooms to breastfeed your baby in comfort and in private.
2. Great carpark - Spacious and well lit, with ample parking lots, except for Saturdays and Sundays.
3. Big pet shop - Pet Safari. If your kids have never ever seen a live tarantula, that's the place to take them. Lots of fish to look at, including Nemo and Dory!
4. Big bookshop - Popular Bookstore - Good place to take the kids to browse at some books or just to get them to love the smell of books.
5. Music shop with a drum set outside for trying. Let your kid crash and bang away until the shop assistant gives you a you-should-leave-now look.
6. Connected to other malls - conveniently connected to The Curve and IKEA.
7. Big toy shop - if the kids need toy therapy, Toys R Us is there to help.

8. Kluang Station serves one of the best "Cham Ice" (Coffee mixed with tea).
9. A good variety of foods to satisfy your hunger. We particularly like the chicken rice at the Lower Ground floor. Good and Fast!
10. Great shopping. Get good bargains for kids and adult clothings from F.O.S., Brands Outlet and Padini.
11. Clean toilets.
Enough reasons to go there?
* I am not, in anyway, being compensated by IPC for writing this post. Just love the place!
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