Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mommy's Tummy Sounds Funny!

One of the things I enjoyed doing as a kid was to place my ear on my mom's tummy and listen to it gurgle. Oh what funny sounds it made - slish, slosh, glurg and glorg. I had a swell time listening to it! The other day, just before bedtime, I introduced this activity to my kids and they were tickled pink! What a great time we had! Some of you might think it's a little disgusting to have your kids listen to your digestive juices getting to work in your tummy, but do consider these benefits...

1. Kids will have a great time laughing.
2. Don't you like having your kids lie down on you? I know I do. Wonderful bonding opportunity.
3. Educate your kids about what happens inside your digestive system. They will surely ask you "what's that sound?" and you are going to have to explain. Found this really fun site when I searched 'stomach gurgle' on google. You can get some useful information on how to explain the digestive system to your kids. Learnt a new word from there too "borborygmus".

Thank God the stretch marks didn't show on this picture!
Warning: Don't try this on your teenage kids - they might send you to Hospital Bahagia (local mental institution).
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