Monday, 11 April 2011

Green Tip #1 - Recycle And Sort Your Paper

Recycle your paper and sort them into these categories:

1. Mixed paper/Books/Comics (Mixed paper include all the advertising junkmail you receive)
2. Black and White (A4)
3. Computer Paper (those with the holes on the sides)
4. Cardboard

The reasons for sorting are, firstly, it'll make life easier for volunteers at the recycling centres and secondly, recycling centres pay different rates for the different categories. As a reference, check out Alam Flora's rates. It's really not about the rates but about helping to ease the work of the volunteers. I take my recyclables to the centre in Damansara Jaya which is run by a group of really dedicated volunteers who are members of the Residents Association there. The least you can do is sort them on your end before sending the things there. It does take a while to get used to sorting but once you've sorted out how to sort them, sorting will sorta be like second nature!
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