Saturday, 5 March 2011

I love reading......I think?

I want to love reading soooo much that it hurts. But in actual fact, I don't have a passion for reading. I'd be telling a big LIE if I even said I like to read! I read when I have to, about stuff I need to learn more about and that's it! But one thing's for sure, I love reading to my kiddos. One day, my son asked me, "Mommy, do you like to read?", I bit my lips and said "Yesss...." and thought that would be the right answer to give your child, wouldn't it, even if you hated reading! But, yes I do love to read to my kids and that's a consolation.

I want my kids to enjoy reading, to learn and enrich their lives through reading. I think kiddos these days are reading more because parents these days are more aware of it's importance. So, here's how I'm encouraging my kids to be bookworms

1. Get age-appropriate books.
2. Let them tell you what they want to read.
3. Read to them anytime, anyday, whenever, wherever.
4. Shut the T.V. and cut the cable.
5. Take them to the bookshop often.
6. Animate your reading. Inject humour if it gets too boring.
7. Let them take the lead. Stop when they tell you they have enough of reading. I try very hard also never to turn them down (no matter how busy I am) when they want to read. Or, finish off what I'm doing quickly and get back to them ASAP.
8. Make it a habit to read to them at bedtime. It helps settle them into sleep mode and definitely a good habit to have.
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