Monday, 28 March 2011

Childhood Memories

My son doesn't seem to have any memories of his life as a 2-year-old or even a 3-year-old. He has only started to remember things he did from the time he was 3 and half till now. That's so sad! We did so many things together, went to so many places and had so much fun, and he doesn't remember a single thing. I wonder how far back can a child remember things. Trying to recall my own childhood memories as far back as I can remember...

I remember my bath sessions with my nanny. It's difficult to forget because she'd bathe us (my brother and I) with freezing cold water. She'd wet her hand and give us pats on the chest first (in an effort to bring down our body temperature, apparently!) before she'd pour buckets of cold water all over us. I was probably 3-4 years old then. Being in the electric chair probably feels the same way.

I remember wetting the bed in a bungalow up in Fraser's Hill. I was, maybe 4-5 years old. I felt shame.

I remember falling down from the piano chair because my cousin and brother had promised to catch me. Happened in my aunt's place in Taiping. That's why I now live with a left arm shaped like a boomerang. (4-5 years old)

I remember being patted on my bum to sleep. Can't remember who patted my bum though but it felt good. (2-3 years old)

I remember my mom pouring oil into my ears to flush out 2 little red ants that went in and started biting the bejesus out of my ears. (2-3 years old)

I remember family holidays together. Who wouldn't with all the fun we had.

I remember looking at old photos of myself doing so many things I now have no memory of. Thank God for photographs!

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