Monday, 28 March 2011

Are You Who Your Kids Think You Are?

I'm an undercover mommy, on a secret mission to end all production of candy and confectionery that cause kids to go wild and senseless.

Jokes aside, am I who my kids think I am? Weeeelllll....not entirely.... I'd like to think they know the better me....

I tell them broccoli is the best food ever although I'd rather chow down on a bar of chocolate.

I tell them sausages are one of the worst foods to eat although I think they're oh so yummy!

I speak better English in front of them, being very careful not to use too much of the 'lahs', 'mahs' and 'lehs' (Malaysian slangs)

I keep my temper in check although sometimes I just feel like screaming at them.

I tell them to make their beds although it's one of the things I hate to do - especially fold my blanket.....wait a minute, I still don't. I know, I'm a sloppy mum.

I tell them I love to read although I'm not quite sure about that. (read I love reading....I think? )

I tell them to mind their manners although sometimes I forget to mind mine. (especially with the hubby)

I tell them I love them very much although there are just no words to describe how much I do.

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