Sunday, 20 March 2011

Another child?!...Nah!!

Family and friends are asking if we are going to have a third child. The way the world looks now, I don't think having another child would help humanity in any way. I've given the question much thought and have considered the following;

1. Having a baby is so NOT environmentally friendly. Consider the amount of diapers, wet wipes and disposables a single baby consumes......a baby's definitely not the way to go if you plan to reduce your carbon footprint!

2. One wonders if the end is near with earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear plant meltdowns; war and political strife happening around the world right now. It's sad to think that my kids' kids or their kids' kids will possibly have to live in a world of despair and suffering. (I know I'm such a pessimist!)

3. The cost of raising a kid now is skyrocketing. We are already paying RM700 a month for our son's preschool (I know some parents are paying more), and very soon we'll be paying for his music classes, swimming lessons, art classes, tuition.....and the list goes on and on.......

4. Most family holiday packages are for 2 adults and 2 kids. Having a third would just complicate things.

5. Mommy and Daddy - getting level is getting lower....showing signs of stress...grey hair is starting to grow.....patience waning......we don't think we can handle another screaming, whining, fussy baby.

So, taking all these into consideration; another child? Nah...don't think so! Anyone selling contraceptives for catholics?
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