Saturday, 5 March 2011

Affectionately yours

Teach your kids to be affectionate, it'll put you on cloud nine when they show you how much they love you with hugs and kisses. My boy is an affectionate little fella. He takes after my hubby who smothers him with kisses everynight before he sleeps. My son, would, out of the blue, say "I love you mommy. I love you sooooo much". When he first started doing that, I'd thought he wanted something from me (I know, bad mommy for thinking that!). But, he was just, really, expressing himself. He often asks to hug and kiss me too. I cherish these moments and hope he'll never stop doing it even through his teens and adulthood. Here's my take on how to teach your kids to be affectionate

1. Lead by example. If you're not the affectionate kind yourself - CHANGE! Have a paradigm shift, tell yourself you can do it, get a new skin, whatever.... it'll be worth it!

2. Say it in words. I tell my boy often that I love him and that I always will even when he does bad or naughty things. I tell him that I'd get angry when he's naughty or disobedient but I'd still love him.

3. Give him lots of hugs & kisses

4. The power of touch. Pat his back, stroke his hair or just have your arms around him when you're sitting together.

"Mommy, can I kiss and hug you?"......ahhhh..... the rewards of motherhood.
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