Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More Reasons To Love Ikea

Don't you just love Ikea? I know I do. I bet every household in the world has something from Ikea. Don't you love looking at their fun and quirky designs? Heck I even love trying to say the quirky names they have for their quirky designs. Don't you just love their showrooms? So cosy and comfortable. I could go on and on with the "don't you just love" questions and come up with a hundred and one reasons why I love Ikea.

Okay, 101 reasons I thought would be difficult at first but actually it'd be quite easy - I'd just need to list 101 Ikea items I'd like for my house! I suddenly feel so smart.

I digress. (you know I've always wanted to use this word digress but never really knew how to. I hope I've used it correctly here)

And I digress again.

Well, I've recently discovered one more reason to love Ikea.....

Yes, it's catalogue!

I've been seeing these Kumon cutting books at the bookstores for a while now and thought them a great idea for getting my kids to practise their scissor skills. However, because I'm cheap, I also told myself I wouldn't be caught dead buying a book for my kids to cut up.

And so enters the Ikea Catalogue. Look what I found?

Lots of shapes, curves and zigzags for my kids to try cutting! Didn't cost me a single cent. In fact, Ikea had to spend on postage to send it to me.

As I was flipping the pages for nice curvy, zigzagy images to cut out, my son took an interest in reading the prices of the items. And so, yet another reason to love the Ikea catalogue is born! If you have a kid who's currently into number reading, cut out some images with the price on them so that he can practise reading his numbers in tens, hundreds and thousands.

Step aside Kumon Cutting Book and say hello to your most recent competitor - the Ikea Catalogue!

Disclosure: Ikea did not pay me to mutilate their catalogue. The initiative is 100% my own.
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