Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Surprise, Surprise! {Summer Blog Social}

I'm attending #SummerBlogSocial 2011! It's like a blog conference you can attend in your shabbiest clothes, without wearing make up or getting your hair done. You can even attend it doing the most embarrassing thing you do at home and nobody's going to know (not that I'm doing it now).

The girls over at A Belle, A Bean and A Chicago Dog and Four Plus An Angel have come up with a fantastic linky for bloggers out there who are deprived of blog conferences (especially from where I am). It's a great way for us to get connected and share our ideas and experiences on blogging and everything related to it. They have also come up with writing prompts so that you don't have to crack your head over what to write about. So head on over there to check it out!

Here, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the following prompt: 
As you reflect back on your time blogging, tweeting and Facebooking, what has surprised you most?

Let's see, I've been blogging for 5.5 months now. Before I started blogging I had no idea what a blog was and have never read a blog. The whole idea of having a blog was so fascinating to me that when someone told me they have a blog I'd go "WOW, you have a blog, WOW, really?!" The biggest surprise when I started blogging was knowing that there are SO MANY blogs out there. It was like I've just discovered the 10th planet in the universe called blogosphere. So, now if someone tells me that they have a blog, I'd go "Oh? Really? Good on you. I have one too". 

I've also been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful community in blogosphere. They have all been so willing to encourage, support and help you grow as a blogger. And, I've made some wonderful online friends. Friends I will cherish for as long as I blog.
Just kidding! I will cherish you wonderful bloggy friends for as long as I live.

That it can be so obsessive. I have been keeping a safe distance away from Twitter thus far because between writing posts, replying comments, reading other blogs, commenting, facebooking and spending quality time with my family, I don't think I have the time or energy for another obsession. But hey, if you've got time to spare, Twitter's a great way to build relationships, network, have funny chats with your tweeps and get great support for life's everyday issues.

I was a Facebook snob before I started my blog. Friends have been asking me to open a FB account for the longest time and I've held my nose and chin up in the air and told them that I don't need Facebook,"Pffhtt who needs Facebook! I'm happy being Facebook-less and nothing's going to make me open a Facebook account - you've all been suckered by Zuckerberg! Har Har Har!"

Now, I have to eat my words and bury my face in the ground. I opened a Facebook account to get word of my blog out there; to connect with long lost friends and to share. It has helped me stay in touch with friends I don't get to see on a regular basis.  It has also helped me share great reads with my friends with the click of the 'like' button. It's been a surprisingly wonderful experience having a Facebook account and I'm totally a sucker for it now. 

Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me so far and I look forward to interacting with my readers and bloggy friends everyday. It has changed me in a way only another blogger would understand.

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