Monday, 15 August 2011

10 TV Shows I Miss

It's time for Monday Listicles again! Stasha has given me new meaning to my Mondays. And this week's prompt is 10 I Miss. Well, I miss a whole lot of things but I'm going to narrow it down to T.V. shows that I miss watching. I remember Catheryn of Pink Bibs doing a similar post like this and it got me reminiscing about T.V. shows I once enjoyed watching. Borrowing your idea here Catheryn, hope you don't mind.

1. The Golden Girls
I developed a liking for old ladies from watching this.

2. Doogie Howser
I developed a crush from watching this.

3. Wonder Years
I developed a 2nd crush from watching this.

4. L.A. Law
I developed a liking for men in suits from watching this.

5. Life Goes On
I found that actor who played 'Corky' just so talented and inspiring.

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will Smith just cracks me up everytime in this one.

7. Little House on The Prairie
This made me wish I was growing up on a farm.

8. MacGyver
The Ultimate DIY guy! 

9. Friends
Don't you just wish you could be friends with them?

10. The X Files
Couldn't get that tune out of my head for years


Benny Hill

I didn't actually miss watching this dirty old man 
but somehow when I was making this list of old TV shows, I remembered him.
Now, don't tell me you're too young to even know these shows, I don't want to hear it!

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