Monday, 16 May 2011

How My Kids Make Me Feel

Like Justin Bieber
Every evening after my shower, when I go downstairs, my little girl will greet me like I'm some kind of superstar, "Mommmeeee, Mommmeeee.....halo Mommmeeee....". I can imagine her at a Justin Bieber concert doing the same thing. Falling short of holding a camera and a Bieber poster.

Like Miss Universe
My boy tells me I look "VERY PRETTY". When does he tell me that? When I get up from my sleep, with my hair looking like Einstein's, my breath smelling like roadkill, my eyes looking like a panda's from extreme lack of sleep and in my shabbiest house clothes. What do I need to do to get that kind of compliment? SMILE.

Like a Life Support Machine
That's when my girl is craving for a good suckle. Seriously, I think she needs to deal with a MAJOR  addiction. When she gets an urge, she'll come to me hyperventilating and the moment she gets it, she let's out a big SIGH like she can breathe again. Life support machine comes to mind.

Like a Paramedic
I'm 911 to my kids when they get a cut, a bruise, a mosquito bite and a sibling pinch (my boy is into pinching his little sister).

Like a Guardian Angel
I'm a protective mom. I'm sure all moms out there are too. There are so many instances where I've saved them from a fall and all those near misses.

Like Momethyst
Never heard of it? It's the rarest, most precious, most unique gem in the Universe!

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