Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What To Do With Your Milk Bottles

When I had my boy, I bought a few milk bottles thinking that my baby will have no problems taking to the bottle. Boy, was I wrong! We decided to train him on the bottle when he was 2 months old, so that others could babysit for me if I needed them to. At just 2 months old he was one stubborn baby who just wouldn't take the bottle. He would rather go 6-8 hours without feeding. My mother can attest to that because she was helping me train him. She gave up after 10 days. I also got all these other milk bottles from hampers given by friends and family. So, what did I do with them? Make toys!

1. Fill the bottles up with water and liquid soap. Add different coloured food dye and use them to teach your kid about colours. Amuse them with bubbles when you shake the bottles.

2. Put different types of grains (rice, lentils, red beans, barley) inside your bottles and make milk bottle maracas for your kid. Teach them about the different types of grains and different sounds they make when shaken. Make music together!
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